With the belief that ‘music creates space’ KU DE TA continually strives to bring another level of audio excellence to the modern music aficionado in Bali. With a view that the soundtrack at KU DE TA is as important as the venue itself and is part of the brand commitment to constantly evolve, challenge and surprise guests you can expect to immerse yourself in an eclectic, soulful soundtrack any time of the day or night.
The KU DE TA Sunset Radio Show, nightly sunset sessions, acclaimed KU DE TA CD/DVD sunset compilation series and daily resident djs represent five continents of taste spanning a global music scene that melds the finer qualities of House, Downtempo, Lounge, Soul, Hip Hop, Funk and Jazz into a defining statement of musical style. The now legendary high season parties at KU DE TA regularly attract premier international talent such as Frankie Knuckles, Sir Norman Jay, Kevin Yost and Dave Seaman as well as the creme de la creme of Bali’s local selectors including:
Joining the dots from Melbourne to Bali, Billy is the resident KU DE TA Musical Director and resident budding producer. He comes to the party strapped to the nines with an eclectic armoury of musical weaponry and the skills of a seasoned professional who knows just what the crowd wants. “The difference between a good DJ and a great DJ is how expansively they play.” quotes Billy, and judging by his sets that cross more continents and plunder more genres than almost any other dj we know on the island he undoubtably leads the charge across the frontier.
Originally hailing from Yokohama, Japan, Cozi’s musical odyssey started in the mid 80's when she founded her own rock band as a vocalist / guitarist in Tokyo at the tender age 19. By the mid 90’s she had quit her band and begun to teach herself how to program and produce dance music, in 1997 he started working the dj circuit internationally and traveling further afield in search of new inspirations. Fast forward to September 2002 and she decided to base herself in Bali and less than six months later had ingratiated herself as resident at KU DE TA where she twists and intertwines a broad spectrum of musical influences that defy the limitations of time and space and cross the boundaries between East and West.
Born and raised in Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa, Maka grew up fascinated by his father’s trade as a radio and party dj who broadcast and performed in Abidjan during the 70’s. Maka decided to make his own forays into the world of music and follow in his father’s footsteps with an organic sound that represents super roots music from afrobeat to reggae, dub to dancefloor and a smattering of salsoul and salsa thrown in for good measure. Maka has been enthralling the crowds at KU DE TA since December 2002 and continues to work the floor with some seriously heavy vibes.
Precision and perfection are name of the game with Dutch-Indonesian Electro House connoisseur Kevin K. With a fondness for some serious funk and a pitch perfect understanding of the crowd Kevin embodies urban tropical tune dropping at its finest with a smooth selection of soulful cuts and deeper plates that work the floor into a frenzy.
International globetrotter and dance floor tastemaker Niina is a Stockholm transplant to Bali and resident spinner of deep grooves at KU DE TA with nods to nu wave genres such as Broken Beat, Nu-Soul, Jazz House and more. With flawless mixing and an organic style that transcends limitations Niina crafts a stylish mix at every event whether it be the main room in a European super club, the high season events at KU DE TA or a refined sunset session by the beach in downtown Seminyak.
‘Connecting the dots, not painting by numbers’ is one way to describe the styling behind Stevie’s musical style. The Bali king of funk digs deeper than many djs on the island to deliver a really diverse set whenever he plays to the sunset KU DE TA crowd and it’s this freeform approach to playing that sets Stevie apart from the crowd. From his formative years in Manila to his time digging the crates of the Washington DC scene and hitting the more discerning dancefloors of NYC, Stevie appreciates the depth and importance of an eclectic ear that judges not by style or school but by soul and spirit. Stevie has been resident at KU DE TA since 2003.
A man of many talents and almost as many monikers Jonathan Russell (aka Jono, JB, Rock Solid and DJ Sobriquet) is a veteran Sydney party circuit favourite with a straight up party style mashing Hip Hop beats with slinky House, Disco crimps and new wave synths. The man plays across the board but always expect the unexpected.
The Rare Groove don of Bali is well known for his almost encyclopaedic knowledge on musical matters from Roots to Dub and Bossa Nova to jackin’ Chicago House. Ever wonder where the ‘Wonder’ tag came from? - just ask his peers who bestowed the nickname on him, this Englishman is the real deal and one of Bali’s most prominent figures on the party scene.


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