Security Policy

KU DE TA has taken the issue of security very seriously since the bombings in Kuta, October 2002 & 2005. It is our duty to do the most we possibly can to ensure the safety of our guests & staff alike whilst in our venue. As such, since November 2002 we have undertaken to contract the services of an offshore risk & crisis management consultancy company (ex Military Special Forces) that provide specialist training to our in house security personnel in the following areas of security management:
  • Bomb recognition & identification – clearance, vehicle, parcel, personal belonging checks, including trained K9 unit clearances at regular intervals during the day covering the entire property.
  • Basic human psychology & physical awareness – anticipation of people's motives.
  • Security operational dynamics & planning.
  • Scanning & surveillance techniques.
  • Threat & risk management.
  • Management & implementation of emergency & evacuation procedures.
  • Industry related communications.
  • Advanced security threat response & immediate action drills.
  • Security ground formations.
  • Joint law & military enforcement operations

Structural renovations at KU DE TA were undertaken to enhance & compliment security measures. KU DE TA security also maintains a very close working relationship with local police & military units. Our security team has become one of the most highly regarded private security teams in Bali not only for their professionalism but also more importantly for the understanding & purpose of their roles.

Whilst we are unable to guarantee that any terrorist activity will not take place in Bali ever again, we diligently maintain an environment at KU DE TA that serves to our venue as one of the safest. 



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