A Life In A Day

Yet to visit KU DE TA? Here’s one story in a million, a day like any other, but also like no other because KU DE TA is a kaleidoscope of worldly folk and food, of a sun that never sets the same but has a habit of being majestic, of surf that thunders, of solar heat soaked up on giant daybeds, of never-before-sampled cocktails shared with never-before-encountered strangers becoming close friends. Your favourite things are all here, some familiar, some new and you’ll taste stunning global cuisine from sun up to the height of the night that will have your taste buds dancing tango while a deejay flies you musically from Cuba to Lagos to New York city in audio first class. Welcome to the pinnacle of good living, we welcome you along for the ride...

The sun is still low in a hazy blue sky and the tide sends rivulets of water across sandbanks as the calm gentle breeze strokes the beginning of a perfect new day. The beach has been yours for the last blissful hour, but as the sun’s heat sets in, thoughts turn to shade and refreshment. You glimpse daybeds beneath crimson parasols, a perfectly manicured lawn and smart pavilions. Morning music blends with birdsong as you stroll to a deck shaded by articulated louvers and sit at a table suspended above the beach. Breakfast arrives – a berry blast smoothie and fresh orange juice, creamy eggs benedict, ricotta hotcakes smothered in blueberry compote, honeycomb butter and maple syrup. Refreshed and a little sleepy, you take your coffee to a daybed and curl up together under the sun as it rises towards its zenith. 
You’ve sunbathed, surfed together, showered and a waiter just brought you both perfectly blended Martini aperitifs. You’ve also befriended a young couple from Barcelona, who are into everything from graffiti to Tango to Balinese gamelan. Soaked in sun, your bodies feel loose and elastic and the Martini softens any remaining edges. You decide to have lunch with the Barcelona bohemians, this time in a semi al fresco pavilion set with low teak tables and benches. Lamb merguez in pita with baba ganoush, tabouli and roasted pumpkin, peppered rare tuna steak, sashimi and Japanese rice rolls appear from the open KU DE TA kitchens. The cuisine on offer is as cosmopolitan as the company you keep and as you wrap things up with stimulating sorbets you watch a kite surfer bisect the horizon while pondering a return to the daybeds for the afternoon, but first the KU DE TA BOUTIQUE caught your eye on the way in...
You decide a spot of retail therapy at the KU DE TA BOUTIQUE is on the cards before returning to the daybeds and the heat of the midday sun. An air-conditioned, carpeted, design savvy space where you pick up light weight, fitted t-shirts, a bikini, a little silver amulet and a tortoiseshell clutch that would excite even the fussiest of fashionistas. That’s about enough work for today and you ensconce yourself once again on a daybed amongst the other sun worshippers to catch the last couple of hours heat from a waning sun as the local surfers put on a show of board riding prowess on the waves of Seminyak beach and the freeform trails of the kites float high into the late afternoon sky. You order a round of Cuba Libres and sink further into the soft daybed knowing that there’s nowhere else you would rather be right now.
It’s 5.15pm and the sun is still delicious. You’ve showered, moisturized and thrown on some easy tropical fashions, mixed with the afternoon’s purchases. The waitress who’s been taking care of you all day suggests you head over to what she calls the Sunset Box. As you pass you give the DJ a smile – a part punk, part angel from Tokyo who is somehow blending Frank Sinatra with Funkadelic – before settling down in beachfront cocoon with a jug of sangria, roasted chili peanuts and Ligurian olives you just ordered. And the show unfolds – distant cloud bursts etched silver by the low rays of the sun and then a slow and deepening burnish spreads across the sky. For a few moments as the sun disappears, everyone is at peace.
A troupe of fire dancers replaces the spectacle of the setting sun. You decide to dine on exquisite international fare in the romantic settings of the nearby Pergola, close to the pool reflecting the constellations on its rippling surface. The setting is completely immersive as the moon naturally casts its surreal light over the garden to the bar where the faint chatter of friends can be heard above the soundtrack to your sensual dining experience. The music takes on a Philly Soul direction as entrees arrive – fennel-crusted quail and crispy soft shell crab accompanied by a crisp pinot grigio – and you’re both feeling helplessly doey-eyed. The sensory stimulation continues with a cumin crusted lamb rack, tea-smoked fillet of salmon and a deliciously complex St. Emillion. By the time the double Valrhona chocolate tart arrives, you’re feeling the first flush of love like it was yesterday…
As night settles, attended by whirring cicadas, the swoosh-swish of high tide and the rhythms of Latin-infused House music prevails and you decide to take your evening to the next level. You head to the rooftop VIP precincts of KU VE to reminisce about your day and flirt over fine wines and signature KU VE cocktails – burnt lemon and vanilla margarita and a classic Pegu Club cocktail, gin infused with angostura and orange bitters, plus a hint of orange curacao. The moon has replaced the sun and you look down at a worldly throng at the bars below – some dancing, some embracing, some just shooting the breeze. The DJ puts on Marvin Gaye and your attention is suddenly nowhere else but in this thickly cushioned wicker daybed, level with the treetops. What is this place? It’s KU DE TA, and you’ve taken flight...


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